Elevating Wellbeing Through Harmonious Brand and Interior Design

Research, Branding & Interior Design
We explore and develop spaces and brands that enhance wellbeing and tranquility to support wellbeing in experimental environments and everyday places.

As a multidisciplinary design studio we collaborate, with scientists, designers, artists, architects, engineers and everyone that studies the frames of the built environment and beyond.
Life is in constant motion, always evolving. Buildings, like us, reflect this dynamic nature. At Instil, we engineer designs that facilitate the interaction between these living spaces and the individuals who inhabit them.

Elevating Wellbeing Through Harmonious Brand and Interior Design

At Instil Collective, we envision a fusion of design and wellbeing that redefines spaces and brands. Our diverse team, driven by innovation and empathy, creates environments that go beyond aesthetics. With backgrounds ranging from interior architecture, digital innovation to anthropology, we forge connections between design, human behavior, and wellbeing.

Led by Sander's digital innovation and Ellen's healing insights, we craft spaces that resonate on multiple levels. Janne infuses ancient wisdom into modern concepts, while Sacha's art direction adds layers of thoughtful beauty. Marijne's architectural precision ensures designs that inspire and nurture.

Through literature research and collaboration with experts from various fields, we're pushing design boundaries. Our designs tell stories, evoke emotions, and foster connections, nurturing a sense of wellbeing that's tangible. Instil Collective is where purposeful design meets holistic living.

Research - Branding - Interior Design

We explore and develop spaces and brands that enhance wellbeing and tranquility to support wellbeing in experimental environments and everyday places. As a multidisciplinary studio we collaborate, with scientists, designers, artists, architects, engineers and everyone that studies the frames of the built environment and beyond.

Our vision

our approach is rooted in a harmonious blend of innovation, insight, and integrity.

We embrace a process that goes beyond the conventional, resulting in designs that resonate deeply and stand the test of time.

1. Holistic Inspiration: Our team draws from a diverse range of backgrounds, from digital innovation to anthropology. This eclectic mix informs our designs, fostering spaces and brands that cater to the complete wellbeing of individuals and communities.

2. Informed Creativity: Rigorous research is the foundation of our creativity. We delve into a myriad of fields, from ancient wisdom to modern psychology, to create designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also meaningful and purpose-driven.

3. Collaborative Fusion: We believe in the power of collaboration. By partnering with experts across various disciplines, we infuse our designs with fresh perspectives, innovative solutions, and a deep understanding of what it means to live well.

4. Conceptual Depth: Our designs transcend the surface. We bridge research and spatial concepts, ensuring our creations tell stories and evoke emotions. Each design element is carefully considered, contributing to an immersive experience.

5. Healing Touch: Our healing insights infuse our work with a unique sensitivity. We craft spaces that promote tranquility, connection, and rejuvenation, understanding the profound impact our designs can have on mental and emotional wellbeing.

6. Thoughtful Execution: From fine art direction to clever digital innovation, our team executes with precision and care. Every detail is thoughtfully placed, resulting in designs that are not just visually stunning, but also deeply resonant.

7. Lasting Impact: We design for today and beyond. Our creations are meant to stand the test of time, enriching lives and communities for generations. Our commitment to meaningful design ensures a lasting legacy of wellness and inspiration.

Instil Collective's approach is more than a methodology; it's a philosophy that transforms spaces and brands into conduits of wellbeing, connecting individuals to their surroundings in profound and impactful ways.

Our approach

A picture of Marijne Vogel in her role as cofounder and Interior Architect for Instil Collective

Marijne Vogel

Interior Architecture
When Marijne started working as a Junior Interior Architect she quickly became aware that most design firms solely focussed on creating beauty, often replicating designs for various projects to save time.This drove her to start her own company a few years later, where she began to research the human connection to architecture & design. By virtue of researching scientific papers, books and works of fellow architects she has been able to produce work that is tailored to her clients and their specific needs. Marijne joined Instil Collective to work alongside likeminded talented creatives / researchers from a range of industries. This in turn expands and challenges her personal knowledge and viewpoints.Marijne’s role at Instil is defined by her Interior Architecture background. She works alongside Janne to translate the research component into spatial designs. Once the conceptual work is finalized, Marijne focuses on the technical development of the project.
A picture of Ellen van der Linde in her role as Cofounder and Researcher and Business Developer for Instil Collective

Ellen van der Linde

Research & Business Development
To Ellen, design is an opportunity to develop oneself. With her background in cultural anthropology and a masters in preventative health, she looks at both individual and collective wellbeing. To understand and practice healing on multiple levels, Ellen deepens her academic knowledge with autodidactic focus on trauma restoration, healing through bathing, neurology and understanding the structure(s) of the universe in geometry and quantum physics. At InStil Ellen expands and translates the bibliotheca to usable design elements and fosters partnerships with engineers, artists, researchers, architects and so on - to fill in the blanks.
A picture of Sander van den Hurk in his role as cofounder, creative director and digital innovator for Instil Collective

Sander van den Hurk

Creative direction & Digital Innovation
Sander leverages his professional experience at design agency Trashure Studio, educational background in International Business Economics and a Master's in Digital Management to bring a unique perspective to the business innovation and design efforts at Instil Collective. He utilises his entrepreneurial mindset and expertise in digital development and design thinking to drive innovation and create digital products such as the Instil Library and the application of Ai and AR/VR. Additionally, Sander's personal interests in design, human behaviour, digital technologies and psychology inform his contributions to the organisation, particularly in the areas of branding and interior design as they relate to modern day wellbeing. Sander's role at Instil Collective encompasses various responsibilities, including business development, project management, brand development, digital design, and product design.
A picture of Janne wellens in his role as cofounder, interior designer and stylist for Instil Collective

Janne Wellens

Interior design & styling
Janne's journey in the dynamic world of advertising and her involvement in interior design projects have led her to a profound realization. She recognized the need for deeper engagement and meaning in her work. With a keen eye for detail, Janne understands the importance of thoroughly exploring a subject, a client's vision, or a project's unique aspects. At InStil, she is excited to embark on a journey that engages all the senses, working alongside a passionate and talented team. Her goal is to infuse her projects with the rich insights from ancient wisdoms, traditional building methods, and rituals, aiming to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also deeply meaningful. In her role at InStil, Janne is primarily focused on concept development. She serves as a vital link between research and design, transforming in-depth research into innovative conceptual ideas. Working closely with Marijne, she brings these ideas to life through tangible designs, meticulous material research, and expert interior styling.
A picture of Marijne Vogel in her role as cofounder, brand designer and art director for Instil Collective

Sacha Verbeek

Art Direction & brand design
Sacha, a professional with a wealth of experience in design, brings her expertise in innovative concept design to her role at Instil Collective. After completing her education at the Art Academy, she founded Trashure Studio, a brand and design agency in partnership with Sander in 2017. Drawing from her personal experiences with spirituality and healing, Sacha sought to incorporate these concepts into her design practices, and began collaborating with Instil Collective with a clear vision of creating more well-being through art and design. At Instil Collective, Sacha brings a diverse set of skills to the table, including web development, graphic design, product design, and content production. She applies a thorough research process to her work, resulting in spaces that are imbued with layers of thoughtful simplicity, ethereal beauty and warm

Our team

Sacha Verbeek & Sander van den Hurk

Trashure Studio is an Amsterdam-based creative agency and co-working space known for their peaceful, tactile and layered approach to branding and design.

Krister Lima

Freelance Senior Designer with a passion for cultural related projects. Based in Amsterdam but originally from the cold north, Norway.

Andrea de Paiva

NeuroAU was created to disseminate discussions about the possible connections between cognitive science and architecture, design and urbanism.

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