Enhancing Wellbeing through Research-Based Brand and Interior Design.

Interior Design

Interior Design


We are Instil Collective

Instil Collective is the fusion of diverse minds, united by a singular vision – to reshape design into a dynamic force that nurtures wellbeing and inspires connections. Our team draws inspiration from the intricate dance of psychology, ancient wisdom, and modern innovation, crafting each creation with intention and depth.

Collaboration is our heartbeat. By partnering with experts across disciplines, we ignite fresh possibilities and pioneer new design frontiers that ignite conversations, stir emotions, and foster genuine connections.

Beyond being a design agency, Instil Collective is a vibrant movement. We're propelling towards a world where design is more than aesthetics; it's a conduit for holistic living and meaningful experiences.

Our vision

Wellbeing results from being able to relax ones body and mind deeply. By removing environmental stressors, someone can discharge, descend inward and find contemplation. We increase (access to) this form of wellbeing by applying both ancient and new knowledge about healing environments with today's technology. Our designs and branding experiment in this dynamic playing field where spirituality and new science are at an intersection and align well together.

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Design has the ability to transcend beyond aesthetic purposes and nurture all the senses